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What Mistakes Do Electric Garage Door Openers Forgive

11/14/2013 Back To Blog

These days, we have the pleasure of enjoying amenities of great and high tech products and devices, but human minds have their own limitations and can become forgetful and careless. Sometimes, certain events may by humorous and cute but, in some cases, they may become the reason for serious accidents, especially if they are related with any garage door parts. In fact, according to the latest data about accidents in California, some of them could have been avoided if the homeowners in Emeryville were a little bit more careful.


Thank God for new technologies

Some previous mistakes are corrected by current technologies. Simple everyday mistakes homeowners make are also corrected by contemporary automatic garage door openers. Manufacturers make sure that the new products are improved and year by year they have managed to ensure reliable mechanisms and stable garage doors.


When you are standing underneath the door

Many people spend time with their families and let the children play and the pets run freely in and out of the garage. Once upon a time, a slightly damaged door would easily fall threatening the life of those underneath, but today electric garage door openers have sensors, which know that your cat or kids are standing underneath the door and, hence, if it is closing they activate the reverse mechanism and everyone can be safe.


When the car is filled with carbon monoxide

It doesn't happen often, but today there are the sensors that can sense smoke, fire or the high and abnormal levels of carbon monoxide and you can find them in any good garage door repair in Emeryville. Their job is to activate the opener and the door would open and this mechanism can really save lives.


When you forget to press the remote

Leaving the garage door open behind you while you are driving away may turn out to be a terrible idea for the security of your home; hence, thank God for the existence of modern garage door openers, which can be programmed to close the door if the sensors don't sense any movements.


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