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Choose Wood, Get Steel Garage Doors

01/13/2014 Back To Blog

The rumor is that consumers want the best quality goods at the lowest prices possible! They always dreamed of getting secure, low maintenance cost garage doors but still have the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of valuable materials. Is that even possible? Manufacturers have proved that it is! Behind closed doors, researchers mixed and matched different materials until one day they yelled “Eureka!”. They actually came up with the brilliant idea of getting the best properties of two completely different materials and gave birth to a new, fresh choice to consumers. So, if you want the absolute glamorous design of timber but want to rely on the strengths of steel, you just have to get this amazing combination!

Get the best wood garage door at steel door value

Real lovers of wood may get skeptical when time for garage door replacement is approaching. They may want to install wood panels but cannot get over the expensive prices. On the other hand, they may not want to install steel doors once again and instead search for something different for the biggest entrance of their homes. Each material has its own positive and negative sides. Wood is more expensive, sensitive and has the tendency to warp. It requires a great deal of maintenance and, thus, it will keep costing you in the future as well. Steel doors can be better insulated, are extremely strong and heavy, and you don't have to spend a fortune either for their purchase or for garage door repairs.

The secret is getting steel doors with the outer surface made of timber. Manufacturers apply a very strong timber coating on the top of steel and you can actually choose among tens of different types of wood. It can be easily cleaned and will only cost you slightly over the ordinary price of steel doors. This way, you can boast for your beautiful wood doors, which would actually be made of steel, have all the benefits of metal materials and low garage door prices!

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