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Garage Door Springs

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Are you looking for a local repair company for your garage door in Emeryville? You have found us. Garage Door Repair Emeryville is the leading experts in commercial and residential garage doors and gates in the area. We take pride in offering our customers the best service possible. Our experienced technicians drive fully stocked trucks with the most common repair parts. This allows us to make repairs in a single trip. Efficiency allows our customers to get the best turn around. We are available the same day in many cases and 24/7 in emergencies. When you need help with your garage door springs in Emeryville, give us a call.Garage Door Springs


Emeryville is home to over 10,000 people today. In the earliest days, it was home to many Native American communities that gathered in the area for the easy fishing and hunting. The area became a major area for cattle ranching in the 19th century. The area began to grow around the meat processing plants that opened up. It incorporated in 1896. The name of the town comes from Joseph Emery who bought extensive tracts of land in the area after the Gold Rush.


The garage door springs are what allow your garage door to go up and down without many problems. There are two types of springs.

    Extension garage door springs are the ones that lie in the tracks on both sides of the door. They help to give a counter balance to the weight and size of the garage door at it goes up and down. It also provides even tension to keep the door in alignment.
    The torsion coil trampoline springs are the ones that lie above the garage door horizontally. It provides a great deal of torsion to counterbalance the weight of the door itself. This allows the door to go up and down manually without much effort.


Garage Door Repair Emeryville gets calls for overhead door springs every week

A few of the common repairs we handle include a garage door broken spring, the need for garage door torsion springs replacement, or extension springs repairs. Of course we get calls for other problems as well. That is why we provide repairs and replacement of all types. We can handle your galvanized garage door torsion springs or your oil tempered garage door springs.


This company also handles sales, service and installation of garage door openers and driveway gates as well.

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