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Several Drawbacks of Used Garage Doors

11/14/2013 Back To Blog

We often look for the cheapest possible options when we need a garage door replacement. Although there is nothing wrong with discounts, using a second hand door and looking for ways to save as much money as possible, you should also remember that there are reasons why certain doors are offered for such low prices.

Quality Door Saves More

Although quality doors come with a price higher than used doors, they could save you a fortune on repair because of damages that may possibly appear just within a few months. Cheap and used doors mostly carry damages already so you still need to invest in garage door repair.

Installation is Risky

Free installation comes when you buy a new garage door. Since installation is a complicated task, you are more likely to need professional help. If you are planning to install a second hand door to replace your old door, do not expect to find a company that will help you in that. There are liabilities that service providers try to avoid especially if they are asked to handle used doors they are not really sure with. You are advised to contact our professionals for futher information on the subject.

No Warranty

Cheap or used doors do not cover for any damages and malfunctioning that may occur to it. If it turns out to be faulty, you cannot return it and you will be left spending more for garage door service.

Hard to Find One that Fits

With second hand garage doors, chances are, you cannot find one that perfectly fits your door entrance. Unfit doors mean risks of it not closing or opening correctly, also imposing safety hazards to you and your family members as well as your pets.

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